Mendel circuit boards

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Mendel Build Documentation

You may find the Mendel assembly data sheet useful during assembly.

Top circuits


Total # of assemblies: 1

Name Qty/assembly Total Qty Type
motherboard-plate.par 1 1 Sheet image DXF
extruder-controller-v2-2.par 1 1 PCB
reprap-mother-board-v1.1.par 1 1 PCB
m3-capx20.par 6 6 Fastener
m3-nut.par 12 12 Fastener
m3-nylock.par 6 6 Fastener
m3-washer.par 24 24 Fastener


M3 nuts are used as spacers to elevate the boards slightly. This will help get your wiring neater later.


Bottom circuits


Total # of assemblies: 1

Name Qty/assembly Total Qty Type
stepper-plate.par 1 1 Sheet Image DXF
xlr-bracket_1off.par 1 1 RP
stepper-motor-driver-v2-3.par 3 3 PCB
usb-female-pcb.par 1 1 PCB
xlr-3-pin-male-d-type.par 1 1 Electronics
m4-nylock.par 12 12 Fastener
m4-nut.par 2 2 Fastener
m4-washer.par 52 52 Fastener
m4x16-cap.par 12 12 Fastener
m4x40-cap.par 2 2 Fastener

RP parts



Stepper driver PCBs are elevated from the sheet by two washers.


The power and USB connections are held on by two 40mm M4 cap screws with their heads under the board pointing upwards. First secure the XLR male connector using two ordinary nuts and washers. Then add the USB board (no washers underneath) and secure that with nylocks and washers on top.

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