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The Taig mill is a medium-heavy duty benchtop mill, heavier and stronger the sherline mill, and we highly recommend its use for RepRaps more than any other mill. While the formal documentation is a little sparse, there is an excellent community of users online which are actually more useful than a dedicated customer support engineer.

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  • CNC-Ready model

2018CR-ER (Price: USD$999.00)

Max Traversal Speed

Mendel Vertex Print Speed

The Taig works well as a Repstrap.

Axes controlled by EMC2 using the 4th axis to drive a Mendel pinch wheel stepper extruder. Chinese micro stepping drives. Standard Mendel electronics running the heater only. Skeinforge used to generate 5D G code. The only issue is the axis maximum speeds are much slower than a Mendel but more than adequate for building Mendel parts. --User:IanEagland