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Currently working on:

  • SAE Prusa Mendel (ebay kit with abs parts, physical build complete, almost perfect)
  • Wade's Geared Extruder
  • PCPowerSupply (18A @12V) hacked down to the necessary wiring, with a soft power switch and an LED mounted on the front
  • RAMPS1.3 electronics from with mechanical endstops
  • hot end with a 0.35mm nozzle, version 3.0? (has a milled aluminum heatsink instead of the copper one shown)
  • FiveD for RAMPS firmware [1] with RAMPS1.3 pins (working)
    • Test Firmware 2: johnnyr's fork of Sprinter with RAMPS1.3 pins [2] (axes and endstops sporadically working depending on configuration)
    • Test Firmware 3: Teacup with RAMPS1.3 pins added [3] (does not respond to any software)
  • HP Mini 311 netbook
    • Windows XP (because it works, but it sucks for editing)
    • Gentoo Linux (because that's where I work best)
      • arduino-022 with some custom patches to fix warnings and paths
      • avr toolchain from atmel (attempts to build my own toolchain with crossdev have failed so far, bad libgcc errors)
      • no host software yet


  • 2011 May 25: Began build (received eBay RP parts and vitamins, bought and cut steel rod)
  • 2011 Jun 17: I am able to print ultimachine PLA using XP, FiveD for RAMPS, and RepSnapper.