User Manual: Electronics

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Issues/Known Problems

A print that was ruined because of overheating
  • The Integrated Circuit on the Stepper Driver will glitch/fry if they get above 130C. If you have this problem when printing the axis will "Skip" or "Jump" and this will make it so when printing layers do not match. You can also get a thermometer and measure the temperature at several locations on the circuit and the heat sink when the printer is running. There are several ways to fix this. See here

Things To Do

  • If this is your first time soldering take your time. There is no need to rush.
  • Use either solder wick or twisted bundle of small copper wires to remove excess solder. Place the solder wick over the solder you are to remove and then place the soldering iron on top of the wick. Use pliers to hold the solder wick so you don't burn your fingers.

Things Not To Do

  • When finding a place to "put" all the electronics be careful if you are mounting them to the cartesian-bot frame. If the contacts on the back of the PCBs touch the steel rods you may fry the board.