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Electronics Improvements

Release status: experimental

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CAD Models
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Overheating problems

  • Use thermal paste in between the heat sinks on all the electronics, normally found at computer part stores
  • Add Small computer memory heat sinks to the heat sink on the Stepper Driver board
  • Add 40mm fans near/top of the heat sinks on the Stepper Driver board

Mounting locations

Acrylic/Wood Box

An acrylic box complete with fan and a fan controller that will soon have electronics mounted in it.

You can build a small box out of acrylic or wood and mount all the electronic boards in side of it. Then You can add several computer fans to the box to help the Integrated Circuits remain cool. This has several benefits.

  • Help solve overheating problems.
  • Help prevent short circuits.
  • Stop children/pets from messing with electronics
  • It looks nicer than a bunch of electronics just jumbled on a table

Wood panel

You can also mount the electronic mount on a sheet of wood.


PC Tower

Another option is to use an old PC tower, as they have a premade place to mount the power supply. This one had speaker mounts which were used to hold fans for cooling.
A converted PC tower used to house electronics. Mounts for speakers were used to hold fans.