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Release status: Experimental

Description Shnny Metal RepStrap
License GPL
Author Mrkim
Based-on Sui Generis
Categories Wood, Tall, RepStrap, Files Missing, Needs Parts List, Needs Build Instructions, Needs Render, XZ-head
CAD Models none
External Link mrkimrobotics.com


Shoot for the Moon!
This project is for a zero tool requirement Repstrap.

Status: Unfinished

Vinyl-Washer Vertex:


This frame vertex is made with vinyl tubing and two fender washers.

It requires no drilling or cutting beyond sectioning the tubing with scissors.

Materials: (1) 2" section of 3/8" OD x 1/4" ID vinyl tubing (2) fender washers (2) nuts

Assembly: Thread the tubing section onto the end of the threaded rod until it is tight. Form two triangles. Use the washers to clamp the ends of the cross bars to the inside of the vertex.

Z-motor mount:


This is a zero requirement z-motor mount.

The motor is lightly clamped between the fender washers. The inside nut keeps the clamping washer vertical.

The loop of tape secures the motor vertically.