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Release status: working

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Description ARM-Based reprap electronics
License GPL
Author Kliment
Based-on Delta
Categories Electronics, Electronics development
CAD Models Github
External Link Github

About the 4pi board

The 4pi board is a 4xpi sized controller board for reprap 3D printers. It descends from previous reprap electronics like RAMPS and Sanguinololu, it's main novelties are the use of a more powerful chip ( Atmel 32bits ), and a full-SMT design. The driver microstepping is 1/16 uStep (like Pololu)

About the 4pi firmware

The 4PI firmware is a port of the Sprinter firmware. The G-code parser has been rewritten, and so the sd-card handling, as well as many other improvements. Also new G-code commands were added:

  • M109. Set extruder temperature and wait.


4pi wiring.png

Compiling and uploading


  1. Grab the firmware here.
  2. Compile the firmware OR get a precompiled one
  3. Upload the firmware to the hardware



Do not use the newest Workbench. There is a problem with no serial device found after flashing. To be sure use version arm-2012.03-56-arm-none-eabi.exe

Tip: Instead of using Codesourcery, you can try gcc-arm-embedded.


The 4pi is not reporting the SD card state when initialization succeeds, in which case octoprint keeps the controls disabled. Try checking "Always assume SD card is present" under Settings > Features and reconnect.