ANYCUBIC V1.0 compatible with Arduino 2560 and Ramps1.4

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The "Anycubic" (MEGA2560/arduino mega) board, designed for 3D printer,it's fully compatible with ramps1.4 ,but support the "outage and restart unfinished",connect to lcd2004 or 12864 without smart adopter(c)rrd board.We needn't fit together with arduino mega and ramps1.4 .So never worry about the trouble of fit together in use.

The Anycubic

      • INTERFACE: 5 motor drives , 3 can be controlled of fan interface, 2 heater interface,1 hotbed interface ,alternative display, iic ,serovs etc.
      • DISPLAY  : support traditional 12864 and lcd2004,but also support a special 12864(named FULL_GRAPHIC_SMALL_PANEL) which SD card PCB and display board are separated.
      • OUTAGE AND RESTART UNFINISHED: it's a new function designed by Anycubic .co.For details, see below.



The Anycubic board have 5 motor drivers,it's suitable for many FDM meachine likes kossel prusa i3 and coreXY etc.3 can be controlled of fan interface ,we can also use for Lamps or other control. CP2102 as USB to UART bridge, stable and high speed , needn't download bootloader.We reserved a lot of display interface

The image above is a new 12864 FULL_GRAPHIC_SMALL_PANEL display,SD card footprint and display board are separated,It's a good choose which needs SD card and TFT at the same side .


  • part1 #define MOTHERBOARD 33
  • part2 #if defined(FULL_GRAPHIC_SMALL_PANEL)
     #define BEEPER 37
    // Pins for DOGM SPI LCD Support
    #define DOGLCD_A0  23
    #define DOGLCD_CS  27
    #define LCD_PIN_BL	25	// backlight LED on PA3     
    #define KILL_PIN 41
    #define BTN_EN1 33
    #define BTN_EN2 31
    #define BTN_ENC 35  //the click switch
    //not connected to a pin
    #define SDCARDDETECT 49
      #elif defined(MULTIPANEL)
        #define BEEPER 37
        #define DOGLCD_A0  17
        #define DOGLCD_CS  16
        #define LCD_PIN_BL	23	// backlight LED on A11/D65
        #define SDSS   53        
        #define KILL_PIN 64
        #define BTN_EN1 31
        #define BTN_EN2 33
        #define BTN_ENC 35  //the click switch
        //not connected to a pin
        #define SDCARDDETECT 49
       //arduino pin which triggers an piezzo beeper
       #define BEEPER 33 
         #define BTN_EN1 64 // encoder
         #define BTN_EN2 59 // encoder
         #define BTN_ENC 63 // enter button
         #define SHIFT_OUT 40 // shift register
         #define SHIFT_CLK 44 // shift register
         #define SHIFT_LD 42 // shift register
         #define BTN_EN1 37
         #define BTN_EN2 35
         #define BTN_ENC 31  //the click
       #ifdef G3D_PANEL
         #define SDCARDDETECT 49
         #define SDCARDDETECT -1  // Ramps does not use this port

This code it's for the new 12864, if you use FULLGRAPHIC SMART CONTROLLER as a display, you can ignore that.


   meaning 1:Make preparations and then power off,save something and continure next time.
   or meaning 2: The power off it's unkown.but we should restart unfinished. 

as the meaning 2,we should change hardware to test weahter the power online.but now, i just discussion meaning 1. what should we do?

  • hardware: ignore
  • software: you should write those code

void ShowCoordinate();

void SaveCoordinate();

void ReadCoordinate();

  • Gcode change:delate finished.

so if outage, SaveCoordinate();running,next time , we can run ReadCoordinate() and ShowCoordinate(). if we know the Coordinate,we can restart unfinished.

The colorful model printed by signle nozzle,changed a kind of material and powered off at the same time.


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