BIQ Extruder Peek clamp replacement

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BIQ Extruder Peek clamp replacement

Release status: working

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Description Revision 0.1
License CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Author Bodgeit
Based-on Delta
Categories Huxley RepStrap,Extruders, Hot End
CAD Models DXF
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Peek is very expensive to buy, so I needed an inexpensive way to suport the Insulator on the Huxley Seedling Extruder : Here is my solution.

Huxley seedling Peek clamp replacement


Here is my Low cost solution to the insulator clamp used on RepRap Extruders originaly designed for Huxley Seedling.

Here are the drawngs for :

16mm peek insulator clamp with 6mm extruder barrel.

10mm peek insulator clamp with 6mm extruder barrel.

8mm peek insulator clamp with 4mm extruder barrel.

Last picture shows from left to right a 16mm Peek 10mm Peek 8mm Peek insulators


Cut out the parts using a Laser at FabLab or at home you can print stick and cut these parts as described in Print Stick and Cut

First Check the Peek fits the bigger hole it is a Snug fit if this is ok. The 4mm part is glued to the 6mm part with PVA using 4mm screws to hold the two parts together while the glue sets on the 16mm and 10mm versions.

The 8mm version uses 3mm screws..

I have been using this clamping system since March 2011 on Huxley Seedling.


Media:A4_BIQ Extruder Peek clamp replacement.pdf‎