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Brief Summary

Bio Printing is fairly new adaptation of 3D printing technology. Simply put, it uses a specialized "bio-ink", that is composed of living cells to create living tissue structures. This bio-ink is contained in ink cartridges similar to those in a regular ink jet printer. When an object is created with one of these machines, bio-ink is laid down, one drop at a time on special "bio-paper". This paper is usually made of a collagen gelatin and supports and hydrates the delicate cells as they are layered. When the object is completed the bio-paper melts away or gets removed, and the new tissue structure is created.



  1. Bio Paper layer is laid down
  2. Bio ink droplets are placed on the bio-paper one at a time until a layer is created
  3. The next layer builds on top of this one, and so on until the object is completed
  4. The bio-paper is either removed or dissolves naturally and (viola!) a new tissue structure is created

A more detailed summary of this technology can be found here:

Applications (Interesting Articles)

Printed Meat

Just gonna say that I'm pretty sure I saw this in a cartoon once, and it ended like this: (props to anyone who thought that was funny)

But all joking aside, this is a pretty cool article and a pretty cool idea so I thought I'd share:

Improvement on Current Bio-Ink

3-D Printer Powered by Rat Heart Cells

I'm not sure if this counts as an article about bio-printing, but it does involve biology so I thought it fit:

The Future of Bio Printing

This article discusses how bio printing could impact medical technology in 2030.

Dental Fabrication

Cool article about new ways to get teeth implants. Article also contains information about organ replacement:

Printing Ateries and Organs

This article talks about the advancements they have made in bioprinting and how printed arteries could be used for heart bypass surgery within the next five years:

Limitations of Bio Printing

Professional Groups

International Society for Biofabrication [1]