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Release status: Working

Bukobot 3D Printer.jpg
License CC-BY-SA
Author deezmaker
Based-on [[Mendel, Prusa]]
Categories Cartesian-XZ-head, T-Slot, RepRap machines
CAD Models Bukobot Thingiverse
External Link Bukobot Wiki

Bukobot (or just Buko) is the 3D printer designed by Deezmaker. The intent of this DIY 3D printer is to create a new generation of Repraps based on this framework. Here are some highlights:

Instructions & Details

Bukobot Wiki (Bukobot.com)

The "Bukobot" low cost Open Source 3D Printer with a roll of Blue ABS filament
  • Aluminium frame
  • Very easily expandable in any direction
  • Designed to handle Dual (or even more in theory) extruders with very little effort
  • Very minimal calibration or adjustments of frame
  • No laser cut parts
  • No special machined parts (except for maybe an extruder hot end)
  • Much lower cost than most RepRaps without sacrificing rigidity
  • Can be used with nearly any combination of electronics
  • Takes advantage of new common materials like UHMW & Synchromesh Cables
  • Designed to easily purpose (upgrade) an existing RepRap like the Prusa Mendel and Printrbot

Printed Parts (STL Files)


  • Printed Parts: ???
  • Non-Printed Parts: ???
  • Material Cost: ???
  • Cost: USD 850 - 1450 (fully assembled)
  • Printing Size: 5"x5"x 6" to 8"x8"x8" (12cm^3 to 20cm^3)
  • Precision: ??? (position), ??? (printing)
  • Speed: ??? (position), ??? (printing)