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CN Control

Release status: working

Description CN Control mainboard
License CC BY_NC_SA 4.0
Author jos
Based-on Delta
Categories Electronics
CAD Models none
External Link MaukCC


The CN Controls is a general mainboard for all types of CNC machines.

It is a Arduino MEGA and Due compatible shield, powered over 24VDC

The only active components are 5 FET`s, and a normal SD reader (none of that pesky microSD)

  • 2 FET`s for 1 switching 24V/10A output (heatbed)
  • 3 FET`s for 3 seperate 24V/2A PWM outputs

All other outputs go over flatcables minimizing assembly time :

  • 4 tool outputs (extruders/mills/engravers/pick&place/.....)
  • 1 XYZ motor output
  • 1 XYZ homing input
  • 1 User Interface output
  • 1 miscellaneous in/output (I2C/serial/heatbedtemp/ambienttemp/pause/Z-home)

All tools are locally controlled by our toolcontrollers

The tool "enable, direction and step" outputs can be switched to parrallel to accomodate mass production printing.