Certification of 3D printers

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Here you can find a list of 3D printers with a certificate

It is divided by process, and in alphabetical order (keep in mind when adding)


CE certificate for 3D printer

When adding :

  • Keep in mind that no FFF machine can comply with the LVD(2006/95/CE) as per annex 1-2-b
  • Keep in mind that to comply with the MD(2006/42/CE) the machine must either have a red switch or other means to put the machine in a neutral state in the same amount / or less time then an emergency switch.(a switch or only a mains connection at the back of the machine does NOT comply)
  • Keep in mind that to comply with the MD(2006/42/CE) there must be a sticker on the machine that states it has CE certification

This is the logo for CE CE.jpg, this is China export ChinaExport.jpg

Name Certification sticker
CartesioM 2006/42/CE Cecartesiom.jpg
CartesioW 2006/42/CE
CartesioE 2006/42/CE
Fortus900mc 2006/42/CE