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Our company is CraftUnqiue Ltd. a small but competent company. Our members have more than 10 years’ experience in developing high-end electronic and tech products.

We want to bring affordable user friendly 3D printing technology to every home. Our mission is to be innovative at every level of 3D printing, from object design all the way to the printing itself. CraftUnique team members

Attila Horvath, founder & CEO: for more than a decade Attila was the CEO of a tech company, which developed software and hardware for foreign companies and governmental projects. He has vast experience in managing complex development projects (with lean project management). During the past 2 years, he has been working on this project along with his brother and their team. He is a passionate dreamer and a motivated professional with a proven record in the international tech industry.

Janos Horvath, founder & Chief Software developer: responsible for the development of CraftWare. He is an experienced professional with a technological background. He loves challenges, and dedicated all his time and talent to design and develop a unique state-of-the-art slicer software, which will revolutionize the market due to its high performance.

Nathaniel Hale: project supervisor with an emphasis on text and script writing and communications. An artistic visionary and Jack of all trades.

Janos Csobolyo, CTO: engineer with a wide variety of mechanical and electrical engineering experience. He was responsible for the design, operations and maintenance of CNC precision machines, building control systems and delivering unique solutions to different technological challenges. At CraftUnique, he is responsible for hardware and firmware development.

János Szabó, software developer: the right arm of our CTO, he exists in a QT C++ environment. He is one of the keys to the success of our unique 3D printer.

Bálint Szabó, marketing manager: an experienced growth hacker, addicted to new technologies, he is responsible for marketing and communication. Bálint has more than 5 years’ experience working with tech startups.

Luckily, we live in Hungary where we have a pool of talented developers and engineers. Occasionally we contract 3rd-party developers, testers and engineers on-demand if we need the extra human resources to reach a deadline.


Our first product is Craftbot, which is an FFF printer. Please check the link for the full detail. Our software CraftWare is also available.