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Temperature Logging for Pronterface

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Program to log temperature values to .txt file from Pronterface.
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Pronterface doesn't include the feature to log temperatures. It only provides a graph so if you are looking to have data for exporting to MATLAB, Excel, etc. you fall out of luck. Not any more though.

I've created a temperature logging program, which logs data to a .txt file in tabular format for all four sensors assuming you have a RAMBO with Marlin firmware.
The code logs temperature every 0.25 seconds and starts logging when you hit print and stops after 60 seconds of print end. It doesn't log when printing is paused or off, and time resets when you hit restart.

1. Replace printrun/ with the new version.
2. Replace the files in firmware with the ones in changes.tar.gz
3. Make sure the pins for T0 & T1 are 0,1; B is 2, and an additional sensor goes into 7.
4. If you don't use Marlin firmware, then you must edit the firmware yourself to change the output of M105 gcode. You must allow output of all four sensors at all times.
5. Create a folder "Data_Collection" in Pronterface installation folder root.

I'm still very new to Python so there might be some bug. Although, I've done enough testing on my RepRap.
I've tested the code on Linux Mint, RAMBO/Marlin, and with four sensors.
If you wish to run this on windows. You must edit code, and change the forward slash to backwards where 'fName' variable is assigned.


Devansh Modi, B.S. Computer Science, Penn State.