EAGLEmake EM1-Pro

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EAGLEmake EM1-Pro

Release status: working

Description Simple, Stable 3D printer
License CC-BY-NC-SA
Author MinChih Tseng
Based-on [[MakerGear Mosaic 1: MAF-1, Eventorbot]]
Categories EAGLEmake
CAD Models GrabCAD EAGLEmake EM1-Pro thing:1827352
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EAGLEmake EM1-Pro! Open source 3D printer.


The features of the EAGLEmake EM1-Pro are:

  • Printing volume: 200x200x250mm.
  • Resolution up to 0.05mm layer height.
  • Folder architecture design, easy to carry and place.
  • 1.75mm bowden extruder.
  • Integrated hotend holder (Compatible with any hotend with 12mm diameter mount, can be adapted to other hotends).
  • Auto-level system with inductive/capacitive sensor.
  • Aluminum base with glass bed, easy to place and remove.
  • Integrated metal side frame design as control board holder (Compatible with RAMPS or MKS GEN 1.3/1.4, can be adapted to other boards).
  • Integrated power supply interface design (Compatible with MEANWELL LRS-350 series or general DC power adapter).
  • Optional LCD holder (Compatible with Smart Controller).
  • Cable management integrated in the design.