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Aluminum is one of the more popular frame materials.

kinds of extruded aluminum

T-Slot is one of the most popular categories of extruded aluminum -- VSlot, fischertechnik aluminum beams, 80/20 beams, MakerBeam, OpenBeam, MicroRAX -- see T-Slot for more details.

aluminum L rails: Doboz

MakerSlide is an open source aluminum extrusion with a built-in V-rail linear bearing system. The Deltic3D, ORD bot, Freedeepee, CNC Router, etc. all use MakerSlide as part of their drive train.

YesRail, apparently designed for the P2f RepStrap, is a rail system "based on Open Rail and MakerSlide".

OpenRail: Linear V rail universal mounts to t-slot extrusion

aluminum L rails


EZ Tube


Makeblock: typically used for small desktop models

Early version of Eiffel, showing the grid beam TriLap joints. (The beams should have through-holes repeating along the side.)

grid beam: square beams with a line of holes: typically used for furniture and street signs


Extruded rectangular aluminum tubes:

square metal tubes, that later have holes drilled only where bolts are needed, as in T-Rep 0 (the progenitor) and Strapzilla and TeeBot <flickr>3951997454|none</flickr> <flickr>5084805984|right</flickr>