Heated Bed Insulation

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It's a good idea to insulate the underside of the heatbed in order to get a faster heat up time and a overall better thermal performance. For higher temperatures, an insulation might even be required.

Cork plate cut to fit under a PCB heated bed.

Solutions found to work are:

  • Cork plate (more dense wood (eg plywood) is better than nothing, but tends to conduct heat away too quickly).
  • Cotton batting.
  • Rescue sheet, see e.g. Robert's Heated Bed ie the silver or gold rescue blanket used by hikers.
  • Glass fibre soldering/plumbers/welding mat (approx £3 on ebay)
  • Silicon cooking mat
  • Teflon cooking sheet (doesn't insulate very well, but doesn't melt/burn, and can keep glass fibre contained)
  • Melamine Foam (Excellent insulator but thinnest is typically 1/2", easily laminated to heated bed with 468MP tape. Doesn't burn and high temperature tolerance.)