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Heavy Mendel, a self replicating 3D printer/mill/PCB engraver

Drawing 2.jpg

The design is inspired by the triangular frame of the reprap mendel, It will be heavier and more rigid to be able to mill plastic, engrave circuit board and print at high speed. Differences compared to the standard mendel :

  • vertical X axis to quickly change the tool (extruder or spindle)
  • M10 and M12 threaded rods instead of M8 for better frame stiffness
  • 10mm smooth rods instead of 8mm for better axis stiffness
  • Precision doubling belt configuration inspired by Madkite's design : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:8852
  • nema23 steppers for the X and Y axis instead of nema17
  • Each axis will be equipped with 4 printed linear bearings : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16946

Cable drive system

Heavy Mendel x axis.JPG

3D Files

stl files

sketchup files


Stepper driver

soft start

axis panel

extruder panel


extruder switch

Extruder switching motor driver

temperature controller

extruders and fans power stage

Bed and aux power stage


Heavy Mendel extruder.JPGHeavy Mendel extruder 2.JPG

The heater is made from an M6 insert with the external thread removed :

Heavy Mendel extruder heater.jpg

The tip is an acorn nut drilled with a 0,5mm drill-bit and hammered to reduce the hole size :

Heavy Mendel extruder tip 1.jpgHeavy Mendel extruder tip 2.jpg

Heavy Mendel nozzle.jpg

To keep the entrance of the hot-end cold, an assembly of aluminum plates and brass nuts forms a heat sink :

Heavy Mendel extruder hot-end.jpg

Dual extruder

Heavy Mendel dual extruder.jpg

The unused tip is lifted by a few millimeters and closed by a rocking mechanism activated by a cheap RC servo (T2M D190)

Heated Bed

Heavy Mendel Heated bed.JPG

It is built from 3mm glass, 10mm thick cork, small nails and for heating element, copper wire from a stepper motor found in an old printer.

Details :

Heavy Mendel Heated bed 2.JPG

The bed didn't heat-up enough on 12V if I connect it on the two sides, so I made the connexion between the center an the sides. It heats-up to 120°C on 12V, maybe higher if I didn't set the safety cutoff temperature at 120°C.

Small PCB 10x10cm heated bed :



Heavy Mendel Chuck.JPG

hobbing tool

Heavy Mendel Hobbing tool.JPG

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