How to re-flash arduino drive

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This page show how to flash the arduino board
See how to download the arduino software and apply it to a rep rap printer.

Flashing an arduino drive can sometimes be difficult. This page will show you how to reflash the arduino drive and connect a thermistor as the heat sensor.

Download Marlin

1. Go to [[1]]

2. Click on beta 1 of v1.0.0

3. Click on Marlin

4. Click on Zip file

5. Open Zip File

Download Arduino

1. Go to

2. Download Arduino 1.5.8

Open Arduino

1. Open the new software of Arduino that was just downloaded

Access the File

1. Copy the un- zipped folder "Marlin-Marlin" to a new location so it is not zipped

2. Unzip

3. Open marlin.pde in Arduino

Connect to Drive

1. Connect Arduino Board to the computer to upload the firmware to re-flash

Changes to Firmware

1. Change baudrate to 115200

a. will connect to this number on when printer is connected to print

2. Change thermal sensor

a. Change the Temp_Sesnor_0 to # 7 
b. Might need to look up the table in the software to choose the correct sensor for your printer. 7 is just for a specific type of thermistor 

3. Click on the Tools tab

4. Change the Board to "Arduino Mega: 2560 / MEga ADK"

5. Upload

a. This will put the firmware on the drive