Huxley PCB Heatbed

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PCB Heatbed for Huxley

Release status: working

Description Release Version 0.1
License GPL 2.0
Author Jmgiacalone
Based-on Electronics
Categories Heated Bed, Electronics, Development, Mendel Development
CAD Models gEDA
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PCB used as heater for build surface. Enables printing of large objects without warping.

The board is designed to fit a standard RepRap Huxley build area, so 140x140mm. This design can be used with a bed mounted Mosfet circuit, allowing the power circuit to by-pass the main electronics, or driven directly from a Mosfet on-board the electronics.

Thermistor is surface mount. The board has been designed to be mounted upside down, sandwiched between an Aluminium build surface and a thermal insulator (such as balsa plywood) underneath. The thermistor sits in a counterbore, so that it measures more directly the temperature of the build surface.

There is also a probing circuit running around the outer perimeter of the board. Contact is made by the heads of the mounting screws (which are spring loaded), three of which are placed in series. This could potentially be used for auto levelling, as well as (crudely) digitising object.

An on-board LED indicates when the heater is powered.

Board images



Where to get it

Available from RepRapPro Ltd RepRapPro

Also available on Thingibox


Oven reflow technique.

Instructions on mounting the heatbed are here: Heatbed assembly.

And Heated bed control cable for the wiring.