Installing Skeinforge Plugins

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Skeinforge allows for custom python scripts to be added into the command chain. This allows for custom functionality to be added to the printing procedure. The script can be executed at any particular time before the GCode is generated.

Installation Example

We will use an example found on Thingiverse. Follow the directions for printing out the appropriate file for your Skeinforge version. This script prints a small perimeter around the first layer of your print. From here on out know that SKEINFORGE DIRECTORY is the directory where you have unzipped the program. Once you have the file downloaded, do the following :

  1. Rename the file to
  2. Copy the file to SKEINFORGE DIRECTORY\skeinforge_plugins\craft_plugins\
  3. Then locate the file SKEINFORGE DIRECTORY\skeinforge_plugins\profile_plugins\
  4. Open this file in your preferred text editor
  5. In the getCraftSequence() function, add the word 'outline' to list just before the dimension step. This list is the order in which skeinforge will execute the scripts
  6. Save the file and close the editor
  7. Start up Skeinforge and you should see an Outline button added as an option in the craft menu
  8. Make sure to check the Activate Outline option in the Outline menu
  9. You can now generate the GCode and should see an outline added to the print