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Items Made

This page shows some samples made by prototype and production RepRap machines.

More recent examples are available at

The samples on this page are in reverse chronological order - most recent first. A lot of these are steps on the road to having the machine copy itself rather than more instantly-appealing utility items like coat hooks, mobile phone cases, car headlamp housings and so on.


This is the first set of RepRap parts themselves made by a RepRap machine that were sold to someone else. Cost: One case of beer... The person who's RepRap made them is Wade Bortz.

30 November 2008


Here's a reprapped fly swat. It took about an hour and a half to make. The handle is made in two sections (it's too long to go in a standard RepRap machine) then welded together with a hot knife.

23 May 2008


Here's a reprapped pair of child's shoes. The machine took about a day to make them, but during that time I was just catching rays in the garden... Get the file here under "Child's shoes".

22 May 2008


Here's a reprapped water filter insert. It took about 20 minutes to make in the RepRap machine.

8 May 2008


Here's a reprapped door handle. It took me 25 minutes to design in the free AoI (Art Of Illusion) design program, then I set it running in my home RepRap machine. It took quite a while to build: about 12 hours. Get the files here under "RepRap door handle".

7 May 2008


Here's a reprapped coat-hook. It took me 12 minutes to design in the free Art of Illusion design program, then I set it running in my home RepRap machine. I went out for the afternoon then came back, and I had a coat-hook that I didn't have before. Utterly trivial, except:

  1. I now have somewhere to hang my coat, and
  2. An economist once told me that the world market for coat-hooks is bigger than the world market for gas turbines...

Get the files here under "RepRap coat hook".

3 May 2008

Ipod Mount

The white bracket in the picture was made by RepRap. It holds an iPod to the coin-clip on the dash of a Ford Fiesta. This is an illustration of the kind of thing that we see people using RepRap for in great numbers: you have a clamp from somewhere; you have a car; you want them to go together. There is no neat commercial solution, but it took me just twenty minutes to design the adapter needed (less time than to drive to a shop and back anyway). Then I set my RepRap making the part and got on with something else. A couple of hours later it was done and fitted, in time for my wife to listen to her music as she drove to Southampton to see her brother. Get the files here under "Car dash phone/iPod bracket".

13 April 2008


The parts of the RepRap machine that it has reproduced for itself so far. The quality has been improving with time, too, as can be seen if you compare individual parts.

25 January 2008


"Mighty RepRap Power Ring", fabricated from PLA then sprayed with nearly-gold paint.

14 January 2008


Bed Corner and Diagonal Studding Brackets (top one using "fast cornering" software) made in PLA by Vik on his RepRap v1.0 "Darwin". Minimal touching up needed on the later parts.

13 January 2008


The X restraint bracket, X idler and clamps made in PLA by Vik on his RepRap v1.0 "Darwin". Only 2 slots needed to be widened with a dremmel tool.

21 October 2007


Martini, anyone? Made by Vik on his RepRap v1.0 "Darwin", and yes - it is (water)x Gin-tight.

12 October 2007


RepRap Darwin corner bracket made from PLA on the RepRap "Zaphod".

28 May 2007


Different materials... This shows RepRap making a flask from polylactic acid.

15 May 2007



An extruded extruder extrudes...
The first image shows the parts for a RepRap extruder made by RepRap itself in polycaprolactone. The second image shows the two complete RepRap polymer extruders. The one on the right was made in a commercial RP machine. The one on the left was made by the one on the right - the first complete self-replicated functioning RepRap part. The new extruder is shown starting to extrude for itself.

6 March 2007


The RepRap shot glass. It is now a tradition that - when anyone makes a RepRap machine - the first item they make is this shotglass, so they can toast the machine using something that it itself has made.

13 January 2007


A working gear train made by RepRap.

2 January 2007

ItemsMade-filled penguin-17-11-6.jpg

RepRap makes Tux the Penguin.

17 November 2006

ItemsMade-first reprap part-23-9-2006.jpg

ItemsMade-first reprap part-fitted-23-9-2006.jpg

RepRap makes its first part for itself. The top picture shows it under construction. The second shows it fitted and working.

23 September 2006

ItemsMade-logo fom vienna-13-9-6.jpg

RepRap makes its own logo...

13 September 2006

ItemsMade-polo with sprue removed sml-17-7-6.jpg

The first STL-file-defined object made by a RepRap machine.

17 July 2006

ItemsMade-first 5mm complete product-13-6-6.jpg

This is the first complete object out of a RepRap machine. It is a test hexagon made in polycaprolactone.

13 June 2006

-- Main.AdrianBowyer - 27 Aug 2007