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On Dec 13-15, 2017, tobben and Tom made a live stream in 4 parts on Youtube, where they built and debugged a Hangprinter v3. The videos are very long, so this wiki page is created as a "table of contents". Help out and fill in if you watch the videos: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Part 1

0h01m38s Start
0h02m52s Start of mover build
0h05m24s Snap mover into place
0h14m22s Cracking sounds in printed mover parts. New versions of those parts do not rely on flex anymore.
0h17m18s Orientation of extruder motor.
0h19m10s "I want to use a naked mover to make markings on the ceiling plate."
0h24m44s D-linerollers use bowden tube"
0h25m42s The designer who drew D-linerollers made them too narrow. Called him. Now fixed.
0h48m30s Don't trust spools to be 5 cm radius. Measure them and input into firmware the real radius.
0h51m05s Noted down radius onto spool.
0h51m50s Pro tip about spool/gear mounting.
0h54m35s Starting to place out spools.
0h57m10s Important note regarding D-lineroller placement. Rotate them appropriately.
0h58m50s Close-up of wood screw.
1h00m23s Pro tip: Furniture pods on back of ceiling plate.
1h09m45s Close-up of mounted D-lineroller.
1h17m01s You can tie lines from heat break to corner clamps to support/stiffen up hot end.
1h18m01s Pushing 608 bearings into place.
1h18m42s Pro tip: route thermistor wire inside heat cartridge wire's heat resistant sleeve.
1h19m50s Let's attach some line. 3x5 m on the D-spool.
1h25m22s Using one D-line as a reference for the others.
1h26m20s The Hangprinter Hitch.
1h33m55s Close-up of D-lines tied into D-spool.
1h35m45s Tom explains braided/fused line.
1h37m35s Keep the three D-lines separate while reeling onto spool.
1h39m21s Pro tip: Mark your spools with "A", "B", "C", and "D".
1h45m38s Counter sinking hole for M8 bolt the quick and dirty way.
1h47m30s Inserting 608 bearings again.
1h49m15s Pro tip: Sandwich spacer tightly between 608 bearings.
1h53m15s Starting on the ribbon cable.
1h54m40s Pro tip: Thread a loop in from the top of D-linerollers first to catch the single line from below.
1h58m13s D-linerollers, D-spool, and D-lines limit where we can place everything else on the ceiling plate.
2h00m16s Trying to plan layout of ceiling unit. Stepper cables are short.
2h03m51s More on the ribbon cable.
2h07m21s Giving the ceiling plate directions their names.
2h08m03s Naming convention: B/C are the symmetric/mirrored sides of the mover. A is the third side.
2h08m43s What to keep in mind for ceiling plate layout.
2h17m03s Soldering ribbon cable's mover end.
2h37m25s Assembling ABC spools of ceiling unit.
2h42m07s Secure spool with nyloc nut or by tightening two M8 nuts against each other.
2h45m25s Pro tip: Align with bolt while inserting bearing-spacer-bearing in gear sandwiches.
2h54m11s Making lines for the A, B, and C spools.
2h56m10s Mounting the ribbon cable on the extruder holder.
2h57m40s Note down on the spool how long the lines are, so you can feed that into firmware later.
3h06m15s The ABC spools get two 7.5 m lines each.
3h07m13s Assembling ABC linerollers.
3h12m46s ABC lines entangle into spaghetti monster on the floor.
3h21m12s It's much faster to tie in lines before you attach the spool to the gear and the gear to the plate.
3h25m28s Attaching motor gears.
3h29m16s Mounting ABC linerollers.
3h35m20s Attaching steppers to motor brackets.
3h40m12s Starting to attach motors to ceiling plate.
3h43m16s Gettings started on the ABC anchors.
4h00m04s The mapping {A, B, C, D, E} -> {X, Y, Z, E1, E0}.
4h04m42s Mounting the Arduino Mega onto the ceiling plate.
4h11m24s Suggestion: Screw right through felt pads on backside of ceiling unit.
4h13m03s Wiring in and mounting power supply.
4h27m49s Showing off the backside of the ceiling plate.
4h34m32s Need to add PTFE tube, bearings and one more screw to each ABC anchor lineroller.
4h39m56s Adding Bluetooth module.
4h47m08s Powering the RAMPS for the first time.
4h53m25s Install TMC2130 lib by teemuatlut. Thank you teemuatlut!

Part 2

3h28m12s: "Tell the printer to feed out line"

3h44m: "Start leveling the mover"

3h52m1s: "We have six of these Beam Sliders. One on each side gets used for D-line."

3h54m43s: "Let's bring the print bed in place"

3h56m20s: "Home position will be vertically below our ceiling unit"

3h57m24s: Torbjørn uses spirit level on mover

4h2m30s: Using mover as aiming plumb

4h4m27s: Drawing marks below mover pivot points

Now going into an hour of measuring this

Hangprinter XY calibration from above.png

Explanation on RepRap forums

4h10m7s: First mover levitation.

4h12m10s: Measure ANCHOR_A_Y and parallelize A anchor.

4h13m27s: "As long as the lines between mover's pivot points and anchor's pivot points are parallel, then we're good."

4h14m1s: "Let's use the number 230" (cm from anchor to mover). Measuring/deciding ANCHOR_A_Y to be 2300.0 mm.

4h17m47s: Marking out line that is parallel with y-axis.

4h20m53s: To mark out y-parallel lines, start with going through lineroller.

4h25m32s: Placing out C anchor.

4h30m1s: Placing out B anchor.

4h37m25s: Measuring ANCHOR_C_X.

4h39m28s: "This thing is cut square." Getting the 90 degree angle between ANCHOR_C_X and ANCHOR_C_Y.

4h40m25s: Measuring ANCHOR_C_Y.

4h41m45s: "C anchor will have a negative x-position." ANCHOR_C_X is a negative number.

4h42m20s: Measuring ANCHOR_B_X.

4h43m41s: Measuring ANCHOR_B_Y.

4h44m23s: "Let's do some sanity checking." Sanity checker's formula: Sanity checkers formula.png

4h47m53s: "We are going to make two more measurements." ANCHOR_ABC_Z and ANCHOR_D_Z explanation.