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Introduction | Parts list | Manufacture elements | Box assembly | X axis assembly | Assembly of the X-axis and Z | Y assembly |

Assembly of engines | Heated Bed mounting | Assembly of the extruder | Electrical Wiring |

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Release status: Working

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La Litone est un projet dérivé de la graber i3 qui est elle même une déclinaison en MDF de la prusa i3
CAD Models
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  • These pages are intended to provide the elements to replicate the machine by describing the materials and steps required for its construction.
  • You can find the elements of Litone here: Github of Litone


Introducing the Litone

Litone is a derivative of the Prusa Prusa i3. It is made entirely of MDF is closed and entirely feasible with hand-held tools. There is no printed piece to begin to make it work (although some elements will simplify the later setting). It is derived from the Graber i3 which is designed for a laser cutting. (The Litone is slightly different to overcome lower tolerances when cutting the elements at hand.)

The model described is mainly composed of elements cut in the plates 6 and 15 mm medium. Its structure is extremely rigid by design. All heated or electrical parts are inaccessible, making this printer in a safer family environment!

  • Build volume:
  *200 x 200 x 150 mm v1.0
  *200 x 200 x 200 mm v1.1


  1. Introduction
  2. Parts list
  3. Manufacture elements
  4. Box assembly
  5. X axis assembly
  6. Assembly of the X-axis and Z
  7. Y assembly
  8. Assembly of engines
  9. Heated Bed mounting
  10. Assembly of the extruder
  11. Electrical Wiring

Track Changes

v1.1 update the box to bring the volume of printing 200x200x200mm


Help & Support

For questions, you can leave a message on the forum: Forum reprap