Mantis 9.1

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Mantis 9.1

Release status: unknown

CAD Models
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This is an offshoot of the Mantis 9.1 by David Carr(waybackmachine backup url), which was released under the GNU 2.0 Licence in early 2010. The reason this is being referred to as a remix is that this build will Alter a few dimensions, and be more geared toward people who do not have access to a Router CNC (Instructions will be based around Table Saw and Drill press, both of which can be easily found for little money.

Current Deviations from standard Mantis 9.1:

GitHub Repo

Here is the address to the GitHub repository I am using to store my project files. Right now, the files are in solidworks formats, but there are PDFs of the individual parts with dimensions so you can build them. I will add STLs soon.
GitHub Repository Address: [email protected]:Stevetronics/Mantis-9.1x-Pratt-Variant.git