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Mendel Documentation
Mendel Build Documentation


Mendel is the current and stable version of RepRap. However our community of users are always innovating and making it better, and these improvements may be integrated into the stable release over time. Therefore it is somewhat possible that the information within the following pages may, on rare occasions, be unclear. In the event you need additional help, there is an active community in our forums, IRC Channel, and users e-mail list(register) who are always happy to assist. In return for this help, we ask but one thing. The entire Mendel build manual is editable by everyone (as is pretty much every page on the site); all you need to do is Register. Should you run into any issues, please update the wiki to ensure other users don't have the same problems. Now on to the fun stuff:

There are seven stages to making RepRap Version II "Mendel". They are:

  1. Planning and preparing for a build
  2. Downloading and Installing RepRap on your computer
  3. Circuit board construction
  4. Microcontroller firmware installation
  5. Mechanical construction
  6. Electronic wiring
  7. Commissioning

If you do each in the order above, you will be able to use what you have done so far to test each new stage. Follow those links to find out how to do each.

For notes on desirable Mendel design improvements and known bugs, please read the Machine_Issues page.