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Release status: experimental

MilkRap one handed.jpeg
Description a RepRap with a milk crate frame
License CC-BY-NC-SA
Author gmdownes
Based-on Prusa Mendel (iteration 2)
Categories Cartesian-XZ-head‎, RepRap machines, Prusa Mendel Development
CAD Models coming soon
External Link Instructables: MilkRap: Milk Crate RepRap

MilkRap (Milk Crate RepRap) by gmdownes

Assembly instructions:


Partial MilkRap self sourced BOM.

Black rectangular milk crate 24 quart $7 + $12 shipping

Mk2 j-head hot end $49

Printer board rev d. $87

Mk1 heat bed $19

Nema 17 used motors $52 for 5

Minimalist direct drive extruder $0.0

Lm8uu linear ball bearings $5.25 for 10

Mk7 drive gear $12.5

Atx 500w power supply $20

Steel rods came from McMaster Carr online

PTFE tubes for Bowden extruder came from McMaster Carr or Grainger, I cant remember.

Glass plate for top of heat bed came from Lowes (I found you do not need to use borosilicate glass, soda lime window glass has worked just fine for me)

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