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Mini Panel is a mini 12864 panel for 3d printer.

Crystal Clear action run.png
Mega controller

Release status: Working

Description Single board solution, Remix of Arduino mega and RAMPS
License GPL
Author Makerlab
Based-on nothing
Categories Electronics interface with display
CAD Models none
External Link none


Mega Controller connections.jpg

Connecting to Ramps

Mini Panel can be connected to the Ramps. But need a little modification for Ramps. Mini Panel use AUX-2 and AUX-3 in Ramps. But the AUX-2 pin1 and pin2 should be like the following picture. MiniPanel ramps.jpg

Connecting to Mega controller

Mini Panel is designed for {Mega controller},

Hooking up the LCD display is pretty easy, just follow the wiring diagram below. Note that the connector is turned 180 degrees in the image. The trimpot on the board sets the contrast of the LCD, if you don't see anything, you probably need to turn this.

Mega controller MiniPanel.JPG


How to get it