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Odd End

Release status: Experimental

Small, High-Performance Hot-End
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This is a small, high-performance designed for 1.75mm filament. It was designed with two goals in mind: speed and size.

It features:

  1. Small size
  2. Hybrid PEEK/PTFE liner for strength and low friction
  3. Aluminum nozzle and heater block for optimal heat transfer
  4. Power resistor heater


The odd end takes inspiration from two existing designs, the MakerBot mk7, and the MakerGear v3. I liked the size of the mk7 (it's ~15mm shorter than anything else common), but didn't like the stainless steel thermal barrier. And I love everything about the v3 except it's length. So I combined the general form of the mk7 with a hybrid PEEK/PTFE thermal barrier, and a set screw for retaining the PTFE (as in the J-Head design). I also used a mk7-style butt joint between the thermal barrier and the nozzle. Initial testing hasn't showed any signs of leakage.

Bill Of Materials

Item Type Quantity Notes/sources
Thermal Barrier Machined 1
Heater Block Machined 1
Nozzle Machined 1
PTFE Liner Hardware 26mm McMaster-Carr PN: 52335K32
Hollow-Lock Set Screw Hardware 1 McMaster-Carr PN: 91318A350
Power Resistor Electrical 1 Digi-Key PN: UB5C-5.0-ND
Thermistor Electrical 1 Digi-Key PN: 495-2125-ND