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Old To New RepRap Java Host Software Upgrade

Originally the RepRap Java host software required you to install the Java3D and RXTX libraries by hand. That is no longer the case, as that is all taken care of automatically by the latest Java host software. This makes it a lot easier to install and run.

With the new software, the libraries you need are stored in the same directory as the RepRap software in the file reprap.jar. If you still have the old libraries installed this will not matter in the short term. But in the long term, it may give rise to version conflicts. _As long as you are not using the libraries for anything else_ you can remove them from your Java installation.

To find out what to remove, look in the directory containing the RepRap host software and in the library directories of your Java Run-time Environment (JRE). Your JRE will have directories in called lib/ext (which contains externally-supplied .jar files) and lib/i386 (which contains the architecture-specific files that the libraries need to run). Any file in either of those directories that is also contained in the RepRap directory can be deleted.

-- Main.AdrianBowyer - 22 Dec 2008