Open Source 3-D Printer Design Competition

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You are invited to participate in a design competition for development of sustainable technologies and their components for printing on open source 3-D printers.

The goal of the contest is to facilitate an open exchange of 3-D sustainable technology designs that can be printed to meet various needs in the context of sustainable and self directed development. 3-D printers such as RepRap and open sourced innovation hold great promise for development of appropriate technologies to help millions of world's poorest communities reach a better standard of living. Designs will be judged on the technical printing viability, feasibility and functionality of the innovation, as well as sustainability from ecological, economic and social perspectives.

Anyone can enter the competition but the contestants must post their digital designs on Thingiverse under an open license (e.g. CC-BY-SA). The contest is funded by the Queen's Applied Sustainability Group and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).


  • 1st place $1000 Cash
  • 2nd place $250 Cash
  • 3 Runners Up
  • All prize winning teams will receive a copy of Makers by Cory Doctorow

For more on the contest, entry guidelines and the judging criteria click here (link is dead:404)

For more on 3-D printers and open sourced sustainable development see this Journal of Sustainable Development article