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The P3Steel requires a considerably smaller subset of printed parts compared to the Prusa i3:

Part Quantity
Endstop Holders (*1) 3
X-Axis Motor end 1
X-Axis idler end 1
X carriage 1
Y belt holder 1
Extruder (*2) 1

(*1): These may be all identical or different for each of the X, Y and Z-axis.

(*2): Made of several plastic parts that depend on the chosen extruder model.

See the P3Steel Proteins page for the recommended printed part designs.


In RepRap jargon, a vitamin (also called an "imported part" or "non-printed part") is anything that you need to make a RepRap, which a RepRap cannot itself make. See the P3Steel Vitamins page for details.


Part Quantity Unit price Total cost
Arduino Mega 2560 board (or compatible) 1 -- --
RAMPS 1.4 board 1 -- --
Stepper motor drivers. 4 -- --
Endstops. 3 -- --
LCD Controller 1(Recommended) -- --
Power supply 1 -- --

See the P3Steel Electronics and wiring page for details.

Mechanical Parts

Part Quantity Unit price Total cost
LM8UU Linear bearings 11 -- --
608zz Axial bearings 2 -- --
Other axial bearings (pending) -- -- --
GT2 Pulleys 2 -- --
GT2 Belt, 6mm 2m -- --
Flexible coupling 5mm to 5mm 2 -- --
NEMA 17 Stepper motors 5 -- --


Threaded rods

Only 2 M5 threaded rods are needed:

  • 2x Threaded rod M5x295 mm

Smooth rods

6 Stainless steel 8mm smooth rods (optionally chromed) are needed of the following sizes:

  • 2x Ø8x375 mm for the X-Axis. (385mm for version 2.5)
  • 2x Ø8x341 mm for the Y-Axis (350mm for versions 2.01 and 2.5 of the frame).
  • 2x Ø8x320 mm for the Z-Axis. (330mm for version 2.5)

Screws, nuts and washers

The entire steel structure is assembled with approximately 40 x 12mm M3 hex screws and the corresponding M3 nyloc nuts.

A few more M3 hex screws are required for the steppers, 2 x M5 nuts are required for the Z-axis threaded rods and some more screws, nuts and washers of various sizes are required depending on the choice of extruder, X motor mount, X and Y idlers and endstops.

See the P3Steel Vitamins page for a more detailed list of screws, nuts and washers needed to assemble a P3Steel.