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Release status: working

PanelOne front measure.jpg
Description RepRap electronics controller, with LCD, Optional SD card, and rotary encoder.
License CERN OHL
Author Think3dPrint3d
Based-on Panelolu
Categories Electronics, Display,
CAD Models none
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PanelOne case Front v2.JPG

The PanelOne is a simple LCD, rotary encoder and SD card board designed initially for RAMPS but adapter boards may be produced for other electronics

Version 1 Design requirements:

 - Single sided PCB that could be routed/silk screened easily
 - Use cheaply available, through hole components
 - Use cheaply available, pre made cables

The case design is the subject of an OpenSCAD tutorial

Subsequently version 2 has been released which uses some surface mount components but still plugs into a RAMPS with cheap 2x5 IDC cables which are readily available, with no adaptor board required. More info on this blog post which also covers a further update that makes the same design compatible with either 3.3V or 5V electronics.

PanelOne Blog post

As always Think3dPrint3d designs are open hardware (CERN OHL 1.2) - the latest KiCAD files are available on our Github.