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Minimug is the traditional first object one prints on a new RepRap.

Below is a table listing online repositories of 3D model files.

  • The goal of this page is to provide a current, comprehensive, and impartial list of online repositories of 3D model files.
  • All are welcome to edit this list.
  • If there are any missing fields in the table, please feel free to update.
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All the Websites!

Website Status Upload Download Available



Source Code

Notes Reviews &


123D Gallery Dead No longer a 3D parts gallery. 1 Autodesk
3DPrintg Live Register Mix CC and GNU +more 3D Models Online: Download Free and Premium 3D Files"
3DAGOGO Dead Redirects to, a 3D printer management service.
3dburrito Dead 1
3D Part Source Dead Site is no longer registered. 1
3D Printed Instruments Live Aggregator of musical instrument designs
The 3D Studio Dead Checked September 2023
Bld3r Dead Register Free CC +more Open, AGPL Bld3r also aggregates objects and tutorials from other sites. Can be slow at times. Independent
British Geological Survey Beta N/A ? fossils
CG Trader Live 1
CNC King Archived Down Owner took down the files and archived the site, stating "I don't want to be tech support for the world full of people with CNC machines that don't know what they're doing." 1
CreateThis Work in progress. Mix Mix See instead. Creator has moved onto free tools such as Mesh Maker VR. 1
Cubehero Live Register Free Public Domain and Creative Commons Some version control, OpenSCAD and STL previews, group discussions 1
Cubify Down Discontinued as of 2019. Redirects to 3D Systems. 1 3D Systems
Cuboyo Down Checked September 2023. 1
Embodi3D Live Register Free Creative Commons Anatomical, Biological, and Fossil Models, Forums, Blogs, Biomedical maker community
Fabster Dead
Github Live 1 Github
Githubiverse Live
SketchUp 3D Warehouse Live No longer owned by google. See 3dwarehouse .sketchup .com/ Trimble Navigation
Grab Cad Live Register Yes No longer a place for downloading 3D models. Now software about managing 3D printing services. 1
i.materialize Discontinued As of 2023 this site is a printing service. 1
Instructables Live search for "3D printing" 1
Libre3D Moved Register Free Public Domain and Creative Commons Redirects to Prusa Printables since 2023. Adrian Bowyer (Inventor of RepRap) is/was(?) a board member. 3D Models (STL and SCAD) are downloadable and attributed. Independent
MakerLove Live NSFW, adult themed
MakerShop Live 1
Mixee Labs Down Down as of Sept. 2023. 1
MyMiniFactory Live 1 iMakr
NASA 3D Models Live N/A Free spacecraft models, 'Made In Space wrench'
NIH 3D Print Exchange Live N/A Free anatomical and biological models, labware, molecules U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
OpenBuilds Live Register Free Instructions and build files for 3D Printers, CNC Routers, Laser Cutters/Engravers, and more
Parametric Parts Down/Malfunctioning Register Mix CC & commercial Some Down as of Sept. 2023. Parametric scripted models through CadQuery, based on FreeCAD
Pinshape Live Mix Mix CC, Personal, Secure Streaming Focused solely on files for 3D printing

Pirate Bay Physibles Live Free Free NSFW, Downloads via BitTorrent. May be down in your jurisdiction at times - you'll have to search for a proxy if you really want to use it. 1
Printables Live Register Free CC, GNU, BSD, more Libre3D redirects to here now. Printables is a platform where creators can publish models. You can also find official branded models, for spare parts, toy props, tool storage, and more. Prusa
RAScomRAS Live Spanish Language
Repables Live Register Free CC and GNU +more 1
RepRap Wiki Live Register Free
Rhombik pre-alpha Register Free Alpha link is broken. is now a Lemmy instance.
rinkak Down Discontinued as of 2020. Japanese Language. 1
ShapeDo Live Register Free CC License See the "Community Edition" link at the top of the page
Sketchfab Live Register Mix primary emphasis on embedded 3D viewing 1
Smithsonian X 3D Beta N/A Register fossils and artifacts Smithsonian Institution
SproutForm Dead Down as of Sept. 2023
Stanford 3D Scanning Repository Live N/A Free Full attribution requested. Website states: "not to be used for commercial purposes ... without our permission." Home of the 'Stanford bunny' and other iconic 3D models. Files in PLY format. Stanford
STLhive Dead Register Mixed STLhive owns all intellectual rights on their designs, but encourage users to modify them at which point the user owns the design. Down since 2020. STLhive designs all of the content offered. STLhive has many models designed to be finished by makers. For Students, Hobbyists and Inventors. Free Models Independent
Sybazaar Dead Register Mixed Creative Commons (or other upon request) Down since 2014. Sybazaar offered hybrid listings; downloadable designs, physical goods/components, or both. All listing types could either be free, paid, or auctioned. Storefront feature were also available. Independent
Thing Tracker Network Dead N/A N/A Parked domain as of Sept. 2023. 1
Thingiverse Live Register Free CC and GNU +more Some Weapons and sexually explicit things are forbidden by the Community Guidelines 1, 2 Makerbot/Stratasys
Threeding Live Mix Mix
Treatstock Live Register N/A 3D models cannot be downloaded. When you find a design you like, select materials & colors and order it 3D printed with a manufacturer near you. Independent
Turbosquid Live Register Mix Licensing terms and conditions are often unclear. A commercial site with much free content. 1
Yeggi Live N/A Mix 3D model aggregator/search engine. Users can submit sites to add to the engine. API available. 1 Not stated
Yobi3D Dead N/A N/A Parked domain as of 2013. 3D model search engine. Provide a built-in viewer to see models in 3D. 1
YouMagine Live Register Free BSD License, Creative Commons, GPLv3, and GNU-LGPL They state that "everything you upload will remain your intellectual property which we encourage you to share" Ultimaker

Feature Columns


Current state of the website: Early Dev, Early Live, Live, Dead, or Down.


What are the requirements to upload a file? Options are Register, Pay, Mix (in case it depends), or Free. Free is only for no-strings-attached unlimited registration-free uploading.


On the list here you will find a mixture of websites that provide printable part files completely free, for a monetary charge, or a mixture of the two. Other options include "Register". Free is only for no-strings-attached unlimited registration-free downloading.

Available Licensing

When uploading or downloading files from part repositories be aware of the licensing that has been selected for the model. Some websites allow users to pick from multiple licenses with others specifically forcing one license. Be aware that some licenses do not allow use by commercial entities.

For more information on licensing check out: Creative Commons and If the repository/marketplace you are using does not allow or use CC or GNU licensing be sure to read through their FAQ or Terms of Service.

Website Source Code

Does the website make available the source code that runs it? With the Free Open Source Software and Hardware nature of RepRap it is nice to see websites also following principals.


Any extra notes about the repository/marketplace that doesn't fit in the other current feature categories.

Reviews & Discussion

Links to reviews and discussion about the website. A review can be in a RepRap forum thread, on a RepRap wiki page (see Printing Material Suppliers for example review templates), or on an external site (e.g. blog post or forum thread).


Is the website affiliated with or owned by another company?

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