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Version specific info
RAMPS 1.7 | RAMPS 1.5 | RAMPS 1.4 | RAMPS 1.3 | RAMPS 1.2 (RAMPS 1.2 old) and older

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Release status: Prototype

Description RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield

Arduino MEGA based modular RepRap electronics.

License GPL
Author MrAlvin
Based-on Pololu Electronics
Categories RAMPS 32-bit board 8/16-bit board
CAD Models none
External Link none


I am working on developing a RAMPS version that will allow TMC2130 drivers (using SPI) to be used, simply by moving some jumpers.

This is a link to a forums discussion about the board

The board is also meant to be usable with 32-bit processors that use 3V logic, like the Arduino DUE


Design files

As soon as I know that the design actually works, all files I have/use will be made available.

Bill Of Materials

A (partial) list of components that are used for this board.

ID Description Quantity Digikey Part Number (Description) Other supplier Notes
C1 Low ESR 100uF/35V 6 PCE4554CT-ND  ? 6.60mm x 6.60mm
C2 10uF/16V 3 399-17336-1-ND  ? 4.30mm x 4.30mm
C3 1-10uF / 6V / 0805 1 CAP CER 10UF 6.3V X5R 0805 ebay option 0805
C6 100nF / 6V / 0805 8 CAP CER 0.1UF 50V X7R 0805 ebay option 0805
C7 1-10uF / 35V / 0805 1 CAP CER 10UF 35V X5R 0805  ? 0805
C8 10uF/35V 1 732-8503-1-ND  ? 4.30mm x 4.30mm
Q3,Q4 IRLB3034
N-channel mosfet, 2 mili Ohm, 40V
2 IRLB3034PBF-ND  ? TO-220
Q3,Q4 Alternative IRLB8743
N-channel mosfet, 4 mili Ohm, 30V
2 IRLB8743PBF-ND  ? TO-220
Q1, Q2 IRLR7843
N-channel mosfet, 4 milli Ohm, 30V
2 IRLR7843PBFCT-ND  ? TO-252
N AO3400
N-channel mosfet, 33-52 milli Ohm, 30V
4 785-1000-1-ND  ? SOT-23
IC 74LS125 1 SN74LS125ADR ebay option 14-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)
IC 24LC256 1 24LC256 ebay option 8-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)
S1 4-pin 7.62mm screw terminal 1  ?d  ?o  ?n
S2 2-pin 5.08mm screw terminal 4  ?d  ?o  ?n
R1 100K 0805 10 Digi option ebay option 0805
R2 10K 0805 6  ?d  ?o 0805
R3 4K7 0805 13  ?d  ?o 0805
R4 2K2 0805 7  ?d  ?o 0805
R5 10R 0805 6  ?d  ?o 0805
R6 1K 0805 1  ?d  ?o 0805
R7 680R 0805 1  ?d  ?o 0805
E1-3 Green LED 0805 3  ?d  ?o 0805
E4 Red LED 0805 3  ?d  ?o 0805
E5 Yellow LED 0805 1  ?d  ?o 0805
D2 diode 1N5822 TH 1 1N5822G ebay options Any 3-10A diode will do fine
D1, D3-D5 diode 1N4007 smd 4 DIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 1A DO214AA ebay options Housing: DO-214AA / SMB
Diode 1N5819 / S4 - smd 5 Digi Options ebay options SOD-123 or "DO-213AB, MELF (Glass)"

Fuse options

ID Description Quantity Digikey Part Number (Description) Other supplier Notes
F1,F2 Auto blade fuse / 1808 2  ?d  ?o  ?n
F3 TH fuse / 0603 fuse 1  ?d  ?o  ?n
F4,F5 1206,24V, 2A poly fuse 2  ?d ebay example  ?n

Pin headers

ID Description Quantity Digikey Part Number (Description) Other supplier Notes
2p male txt  ?  ?d  ?o  ?n
3p male txt  ?  ?d  ?o  ?n
8p female txt  ?  ?d  ?o  ?n
2p female txt  ?  ?d  ?o  ?n

Component notes


TO-220 housed

TO-252 housed

SOT-23 housed


Automotive blade fuses

1808 Little fuses