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The RepRap Building System (RBS), a (mostly) self-replicating and (maximally) cross-compatible building system, is now Replimat. These are working notes, leading towards making models and then a formal proposal. It may be too early to talk this up in other places. Or to make a big deal about Eiffel. What the hell, let's hack on it.

The means a machine/Building System that makes its own Gears. And drills its own Beam and Sheet. And so on. Including 4"x4" steel beam, so we work at toybench scale and large scale.

This is a cross between what is currently called grid beam and old-fashioned Erector set, but we will make RepRaps and Eiffel from it.

The 'RepRap Building System', aka 'RBS', aka 'Building System' is made from grid beam type perforated beams, store-bought fasteners, and RepRap-printed parts like gears and fittings to hold stepper motors and smooth rods.

For more information, see Eiffel.

This will engage folk who work with their hands well, but are not computer oriented.

And it will be lots of fun.

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