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CAD Models
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Bill of Materials/Parts List


I chopped the pieces to rough length on the big horizontal bandsaw at work, and then took them home to machine the ends to the final precise lengths. After tapping the holes in the ends to 5/16″-18 and drilling access holes in strategic locations (all detailed in the prints contained in the set of plans available on Fine Line’s site), the extrusion pieces were complete. A trip to Speedy Metals netted me the cold rolled steel, which I also drilled out on the mill. With stepper motors on the way from Keling, bearings from VXB, ballnuts and ballscrews from McMaster-Carr and couplers from Enco, it seemed like a good time to at least start assembling the base.

Many of the builds that I’ve seen of this design include additional bracing in corners. The framing itself is quite stout and I don’t intend to do any metal cutting with the machine, but more rigidity never hurts on a machine tool, so I used some aluminum angle on the inside corners. I ran out of screws, so the base isn’t yet quite fully assembled, but at least I have a sign of progress.

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