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Documentation de la Mendel


Using RepRap

Designing things to make

Convertir un objet 2D pour qu'il soit imprimé

Regarder Mendel_User_Manual/Converting_a_simple_2D_image_into_a_printed_object pour plus de details.


If you are designing things to be made in RepRap, Ed's guide on to how to design for FFF above may be useful. It's written for the Stratasys Dimension proprietary RP machine, but almost all of what it says is relevant to RepRap too. One difference: ignore the section on adjusting hole diameters to get them to come out right. On RepRap, if you specify a 3mm hole, it comes out as 3mm...

Rather than design things completely from scratch, you might save a bit of time by starting from something in the Available Files and tweaking it to fit your needs.

See also the Useful Software Packages to create STL models.


Software and Firmware

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Files and Formats

Translations of this page

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