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Release status: concept


A generic touch controller with support for multiple display types
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RepRapTouch is a concept to integrate a touch screen LCD with RepRap printers.

You can get color LCDs with touchscreen controllers (SSD1963) in reasonable quality from china off eBay - something like 30 USD for a 4.3" LCD and 40 USD for a 5.0" one.

RepRapTouch consists of a separate AVR Microcontroller which handles:

  • Taking user input, building the screens
  • Talking to the electronics via serial
  • Print from SD Card attached to the display controller (most of those displays come with a SD Card slot) or from the SD Card on the main electronics Needs investigation if and how that's possible. G20 lists sd card contents.


  • atmega1284p (128k flash, 32 I/O, 16k ram) That's the only big AVR I got laying around for testing. Probably an AVR with integrated USB will go in later)
  • Is another arduino suitable?
  • Connector to those displays (do they follow any pinout standard, or do we need adaptors?)


  • The UI needs to be scalable, so that we don't need to reinvent the wheel for different resolutions


Why a separate controller?
Graphics display takes quite a bit of CPU time and interrupts for touch aquisition. The main electronics are busy with printing, and the firmware shouldn't become more bloated than necessary.
What makes a color touch LCD on a 3D printer useful in 2016 ?
See the discussion for thoughts on the interest of such a device in 2016. [1]


This is definitely inspired by Marco Antonini's RepRap Touch TFT LCD

The site seems to be down, but there is a bit of information on his project on thingiverse [2]