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Rostock Documentation

Bill of Materials

See Rostock#Links for full BOM spreadsheet with vendors.

  • Printed Parts
  • Frame
    • Top and bottom frame: Hand-cut plywood 2x (300x350 mm baltic birch).
    • Side and Back frame: Hand-cut plywood 2x (762x9 mm baltic birch).
    • Fasteners: Stainless steel, mostly M3 (some M4 and M8).
  • Linear Motion
    • Timing belt: 3x 1524 mm GT2 belt (2 mm pitch, 6 mm width). Closed loops or open end is okay.
    • Timing belt pulleys: 3x GT2 plastic pulleys with 40 teeth. Smaller would probably work better.
    • Smooth rod: 6x 762x8 mm precision smooth rod. Drill rod is probably okay too, but some report that the bearings wear grooves into the surface as drill rod is not as hard as smooth rod.
    • Linear bearings: 6x LM8UU
    • Cable ties: secure linear bearings and timing belts to printed parts.
    • The length of belts and rods can be changed in the firmware.
    • Ball bearings: 3x 608ZZ, 3x F608ZZ. If you can't find F608ZZ, use 608ZZ with printed plastic flange.(Additional bearings needed for Airtripper's bowden extruder).
    • If using smaller pulleys, replace 608 (8x22x7 mm) with 688 (8x16x6 mm) or similar.
  • Hot End
    • Hotend: MakerGear hotend for 1.75 mm filament, 0.5 mm nozzle.
  • Electronics
    • Stepper motors: 4x NEMA 17 (3 positioning, 1 extruder). Stepper torque of at least 4600 g/cm.
    • Endstops: 3x ZM micro switch (pin plunger, no lever). You need only 3 top endstops. The original design also had 3 bottom endstops but they are no longer needed.
    • Electronics: RAMPS 1.4 or any other RepRap board.
    • Power Supply: 12v 30A
    • Firmware: Modified Marlin (see #Links). This is a pretty hacky proof of concept. Hopefully we will have better firmware soon.
    • Software: Same as other RepRap printers, e.g. OpenSCAD, Slic3r (see GitHub for recommended settings), Printrun.