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Release status: experimental

CAD Models
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This is a redesigned Huxley inspired by the Prusa simplified Mendel.

It uses the PLA Bushings like these. I modified the scad script to use 6mm rods. (basically just put in 6mm for rod size and 12mm for width)

I have also redesigned the X and Y motor brackets to be able to use nema 14 or 17 motors. The Z now takes 2 nema 14 motors.

I designed it around 1/4" threaded rods and #6-32 bolts. It should work with 6mm rods and M6 bolts, but I'm not sure.

This should work with the same extruders as the regular Huxley. I believe.



Parts you will need:

6 x Frame Vertexes

6 x 10" threaded rods

12 x 1/4"-20 nuts

12 x 1/4"-20 washers


Parts you will need:


Parts you will need:


Parts you will need:

Here are instructions on how to put together the Z spring loaded antibacklash nut contraption Z-spring insertion

You will need a nut that is drilled out just bigger than your rod, like this one.


This does not include any of the extruder parts

Printed Parts:

  • bar-clamp x8
  • belt-clamp x4
  • board-clamp x4
  • vertex x6
  • x-axis-carriage x1
  • x-axis-idler x1
  • x-axis-motor x1
  • y-bushing-holder x4
  • y-motor x1
  • z-top-motor x2


  • X motor : Nema 14 or 17 x1
  • Y motor : Nema 14 or 17 x1
  • Z motors : Nema 14 x2
  • Enough bolts to attach the motors(M3 on mine)


  • /#6-32 1/2" bolts x22
  • /#6-32 nuts x22
  • 1/4-20 nuts x A Bunch
  • 1/4" washers x A Bunch
  • 1/4" Fender Washers x 6 (.75" OD is about right)


  • 1/4" bearing x3

(I dont know the part number right now but they are 0.625" OD, which is like 16mm if your building in metric)

Current Bar sizes are as follows

  • Triangle frame threaded rod = 10" x6
  • Bottom across frame threaded rod = 8" x4
  • Top across frame threaded rod = 12" x2
  • Z bottom support threaded rod = 12" x1
  • Z Threaded movement rod = 8" x2
  • Z smooth rod = 9" x2
  • X & Y smooth rod = 11" x4

These are just because I got the smooth rod out of some old printers, and scaled the rest around them. All these dimensions should be able to be scaled up pretty easily. I should be able to get about a 6"x6"x4" printable area.

  • Kind of important*

I attached the Z drive rods with some pieces of aluminum rod that I drilled through at 5mm and tapped halfway with 1/4-20. And then put a set screw in the side to hold it to the motor shaft. Im trying to make a printable version of this and still have it be as straight.

==Test Videos==
X-Axis Test
Z-Axis Test