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OLED LCD graphic controller, rotary encoder and 1 configurable push button
Creative-Commons 3.0 CC BY-SA
CAD Models
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The SAV OLÉd is a 1.3" graphical OLED LCD with rotary encoder with click button and 1 push button to control your 3D printer or gadget. It allows the control of a 3D printer running Marlin firmware and a SAV MkI, sanguinololu, printrboard or similar electronics directly without having to have a computer connected.

Standard features are provided by marlin firmware all of which are fully operational: start and stop prints, control print speed while printing and change many calibration settings - saving these to the AVR’s EEPORM so they are persistent if you turn the printer on and off -. The design also counts with an enclosure box that can be mounted on your printer.

This module does not have an SD reader as this feature is provided by the SAV MkI, making the LCD interface more reliable and glitch free.

The LCD module comes with an expansion module to connect directly to the SAV MkI.

The module connects to the main controller using a 14 wire ribbon cable using a 3M box connector. The LCD has been tested with a 1.5m ribbon cable without glitches. The LCD has an SSD1306 OLED display controlled through I2C, the rotary encoder has filtered outputs.

The entire assembly has been throughout for right and left handed. Simply reconfigure the firmware and rotate your LCD. How convenient is that!

SAV MkI and companion SAV OLÉd



  • 1.3" OLED LCD - SSD1306 chipset
  • Rotary encoder with push button
  • Push button for HOME (functionality can be changed by firmware).


  • OLED 1.3" LCD 128x64
  • Rotary encoder with push button, filtered to improve reliability.
  • Home button
  • Sharp
  • Bright
  • Very responsive and fast operation


Parameter Description
LCD type SSD1306 1.3" OLED, 128x64, White
LCD interface 2 wire I2C
Control Quadrature rotary encoder with push button, 24 PPR with filtering
Push button 1 (predefined for HOME) can be remaped by SW to any other function.
Connection 3M boxed connector to LCD and expansion module 14 wire ribbon cable

Configuration and setup

This setup guide is for Marlin, however most of the steps in this section are also applicable to configure other firmware.

Firmware setup

Download and Install the u8glib library

The first thing you will need is to download and install the u8glib library. You will find the library already packaged in Marlin's distribution under: Marlin/ArduinoAddons/Arduino_1.0.x/libraries/U8glib in the main SAV repository: SAV MkI Marlin

  • Install the library in the Arduino SDK library pool. To install the library, simply copy the U8glib folder under the Arduino IDE library folder.

To learn about libraries please follow the instructions in [ Library Tutorial], there is a Section in the Tutorial indicating how to install a library.

REMARK: Recommend to use Arduino 1.0.5 or 1.0.6.

Marlin firmware download and setup

If you are using the SAV MkI follow Marlin’s installation guide described in its wiki page: SAV MkI Firmware.

You can download Marlin’s SAV MkI firmware configuration from here: SAV MkI Marlin

Once you have Marlin installed in your system and the U8glib, to configure and active that SAV OLÉd you have to edit the ‘’’Configuration.h’’’ and change the following lines:

//#define SAV_3DGLCD
#ifdef SAV_3DGLCD
  #define U8GLIB_SSD1306
  //#define U8GLIB_SH1106


#define SAV_3DGLCD
#ifdef SAV_3DGLCD
  #define U8GLIB_SSD1306
  //#define U8GLIB_SH1106

To configure the LCD module for left had operation, simply add the following line to the configuration sequence:

#define SAV_3DGLCD
#ifdef SAV_3DGLCD
  #define U8GLIB_SSD1306
  //#define U8GLIB_SH1106
  #define LCD_SCREEN_ROT_180

Now you don't have to change your use model!

Now you can compile and download the firmware on your SAV MkI. Following the instructions in the SAV MkI wiki page:

20131116113208-IMG 6530.jpg

SAV MkI firmware Section

When download completes, replace the jumper and press the reset button of your SAV MkI. If nothing appears on the LCD screen adjust the LCD’s contrast by adjusting the trimmer pot located at the back of the LCD.

REMARK: The latests boards being shipped already have the firmware support for the LCD enabled. Otherwise, be sure to disable JTAG.


This is a small step by step guide to connect the SAV OLÉd module to your SAV MkI, Sanguinololu, printrboard or teensylu.

Find the backpack module that should accompany the SAV OLÉd. Make sure that your board is powered off and follow the steps below.

SAV OLÉd backpack module

Step 1 - Connect the backpack module

Make sure your board is powered off

Connect the backpack module to your printer electronics (in this case the SAV MkI) observing the orientation in the image below. The backpack should be flush with the board facing inwards.

SAV OLÉd backpack module connection

Step 2 - Connect the ribbon cable to the backpack

Connect the ribbon cable to the backpack module. The cable can be connected towards the printer electronics or away from it. It will depend if you wish to have the ribbon cable facing downwards or upwards on your LCD module. I recommend that you connect it as the image below so that you can print the LCD's enclosure and mount it on your printer electronics.

SAV OLÉd backpack ribbon cable connection

Step 3 - Connect the LCD module to the ribbon cable

Connect the ribbon cable to the SAV OLÉd module. You should end up with the connections as follows:

SAV OLÉd final assembly

Remember to upgrade your board's firmware as indicated in the Firmware setup section. If everything has gone well you are set and good to go.

That's it, power on and enjoy.

SAV OLÉd in action

Where to get one

If you'd like one you can find who has them in stock here:

Source files

Quick reference

SAV OLÉd quick reference schematic

Schematics and CAD files


You can also download an print an enclosure for the SAV OLÉd. There are two enclosures, one to be used as standalone.

Original enclosure

  • 1 x enclosure
  • 1 x Lid
  • 1 x Support for your printer [optional]
SAV OLÉd housing

There are a few accessories and couplers that accompany the housing, all of which you can download from here: download

REMARK: Print the housing face down.

SAV OLÉd housing

Community Edition Designs

Waiting for community enclosures!


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