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Release status: Experimental

Sango bc board.JPG
Description Low Cost ARM based Printer Controller
License GPL
Author bobc
Based-on Sanguinololu
Categories Electronics
CAD Models KiCAD
External Link Github

Sango bc board.JPG

Latest Updates:

  • Board built
  • Teacup firmware ported
  • Testing underway! see video

Note: this is a work in progress. Expect changes!

Specification (v0.1 prototype)

  • GPL V2.0
  • low cost
  • evolution of Sanguinololu
  • 4 axis stepper controller
  • 32 bit ARM Cortex M0 64KB Flash 8K RAM
  • extruder temperature controller (FET + thermistor)
  • heated bed temperature controller (FET + thermistor)
  • micro SD card
  • modular stepper drivers for easier replacement, choice of drivers
  • compatible with Pololu A4988 or Stepstick
  • compatible with A4982/A4985 "stretchstick"

Possible Changes for v0.2

  • use 64 pin Cortex M0 with 128KB Flash (Freescale Kinetis KL25)
  • built in USB
  • optional on board stepper drivers
  • software selectable stepper modes
  • software selectable current control
  • extra headers for expansion, LCD, keypad etc
  • dual footprints to allow cheaper connectors
  • fuse

Estimated Cost

Baseboard : £18 / $29 Four stepper drivers: £4.70 x 4 = £18.80 Total cost : ~ £36-40

Stepsticks are selling very cheap on ebay at £4.40 / $7.20 for A4983 version, or £5.80 / $9.50 for A4988 including free shipping.

Estimated cost for Stretchstick-A4985 is £4.50 in quantity of 10, if you prefer DIY.

Lowest total cost baseboard + 4 drivers = £18 + 4 x £4.50 = £36 ($58).

All costs exclude taxes, shipping. Exchange rate on 19/09/2012, 1 USD = 0.616651 GBP.



An evolution of the Stepstick using a TSSOP package and larger SMT parts to allow easier DIY construction. The module pin assignment is compatible with Stepstick.


  • Allegro A4982 or A4985
  • 0805 SMT components


Estimated cost for Stretchstick-A4985 is £4.50 in quantity of 10.