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Files on SourceForge

Our main page on SourceForge is here, and the main download page is here.

To keep things simple for non-developers, we will try to make releases of the various electronic files in the project available in an easy to consume form on SourceForge. For each different area this will take a different form, but the idea is to make it as easy as possible for someone to participate and use our designs.

Host Software

This is the software that runs the actual RepRap machine. It is packaged as a .zip file containing a README, some helper scripts, and a .jar file that contains everything you need to run the software.

Download the latest version here.


The firmware are the programs that run on the PIC microcontrollers. They receive commands from the host software and make each board do what it is supposed to do. As a user, you simply program a PIC with one of the firmwares, insert it into the board, and away it goes.

Download the latest version here.

Object Files

These files are the 3D representation of all the printable parts contained in the RepRap project. Currently, these are in the form of STL files that are loaded into the RepRap host software which then issues the commands to print each object. You will need to download these if you wish to print off parts for a new RepRap machine.

Download the latest version here.


These files are the electronic representation of the circuits that are needed to run a RepRap machine. Currently, they consist of the schematic files from KiCad, as well as GERBER outputs and a drill file. The GERBER and drill files are what one would use to either print out for making boards at home, or to send to a manufacturer to get them manufactured. There are various 'releases' for each of the various boards on the project. If you don't see the board you're looking for, scroll down a bit.

Download the latest version here.


You can browse the RepRap subversion repository and download any files you like here. These will be the development versions of files, not the release ones, so you will be able to look at new features that are coming along. But do be aware that this is work in progress.