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combined Blogs and Resources under one heading, moved it to the bottom to emphasize IRC and Forums as the 2 major congregation points of the reprap community. --TheOtherRob 18:44, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

I propose the IRC be deprecated, officially. Thus, it should not be listed as the first resource. Furthermore, I propose it should be formally deprecated, with a planned cutoff date. The forum is searchable and indexable. It has threaded discussions. Finally, none of the major and/or successful open-source software projects use IRC as a primary means of support or community development. Must we go ask them why not? I assert that it's time for the RepRap open-source community to evolve and find a way to foster its community through improved web-based tools, its forums, knowledge-bases, and creative tools I haven't though of. It will serve the community much better and more efficiently. Free

Contributing to the community

I think this needs fleshing out a bit more by someone high up within the Reprap community. I'd like to help maintain the site, and as a developer / designer by trade would love to contribute to modernising the site to make it a more appealing place for new users who want to learn how to build a RepRap.

I think one of the issues is there doesnt appear to be a modern reliable point of communication. IRC is a very oldhat way of doing things which realistically despite how easy it is once you know it, no new user is going to have a clue how to use. Perhaps slack or discord would be a better one to one communication tool, followed by an upgrade of the forums to a more modern platform (e.g flarum).

I'd genuinely be very interested in helping, be it in development, design or general advice. Happy to have a chat. --rickm (talk) 12:31, 18 July 2018 (EDT)