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Crystal Clear action run.png Flying SkyDelta

Release status: experimental

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Hyper Scalable Delta 3D printer.
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The Flying SkyDelta is a hyper scalable delta 3D printer, first built in 2014 in Seattle, USA.

It was inspired by numerous other devices and printers, including Johann's Mini-Kossel.

YouTube Video of the second prototype: [1]

Design Goals

  • Simple.
  • Minimal cost.
  • Hyper Scalable.
  • No need for a frame.
  • Zero backlash.
  • Type: Delta printer
  • Fast.
  • Good Resolution and Repeatability: better than 0.03 mm (30 micron)
  • Incredible Build volume.
  • Hardware cost: less than $600 USD.
  • Fully automatic print surface level calibration (autoleveling).

The Super Gravity Pole

The real magic of the Flying SkyDelta printer is the Super Gravity Pole. Without the extra downward force provided by the pole, the very light weight extruder would fly around haphazardly. The super gravity pole is able to put a great deal of downward force on the effector keeping all of the lines tight without appreciably increasing its mass and momentum.

Auto Calibration

Due to the design, homing is not possible. It is feasible that a straw could be placed over some of the stings and remotely trigger a limit homing switch for each winch, but that is not necessary.

Instead it is possible to automatically home the printer using an auto-leveling probe or FSR based touch sensors.

The Hanging Version

A hanging version of the printer has been envisioned from the very beginning. Currently the only real use of the frame is to support the 3 anchor points. A version of this printer using 3 double-line winches supported by poles, or attached to the ceiling will provide for a much larger 3d printer.

The side benefit of the ceiling version is that the printer can disappear when not in use.


The original version of the printer used a hanging weight attached to an elastic cord attached to the super gravity pole to provide the nearly massless super gravity pole's downward force.

The 2nd version was able to remove the need and limitations of using weight for the super gravity pole by creating an inverted inverse super gravity pole rigging. This had the additional benefit of counterweighting each motor, allowing for much more downward force on the super gravity pole without fear of overwhelming the anchor motors.

Bill of Materials

All files come from the TriDPrinting GitHub Repo: []

6 1515 Misumi 360 mm Side Pieces 250 Frame
6 1515 Misumi 450mm Vertical Pieces 250 Frame
24 m3 x 10mm SHCS Vertexes Frame
24 m3 Washers Vertexes Frame
6 PP Vertex Vertexes Frame

1 Kysan Stepper Motors Extruder Stepper Motor Electronics
3 Dual Stepper Motors Motion Motors Electronics
1 Johns FSR Board Touch Sensor Electronics
3 12.7 mm FSRs Touch Sensor Electronics
3 2 Pin Wire Harnesses Touch Sensor Electronics
1 Fan Fan Electronics
1 3 Pin Wire Harness Touch Sensor Electronics
1 4 Pin Wire Harness HotEnd Electronics
1 Control/Driver Board Electronics
1 Power Supply 150W 250 Electronics
1 USB Cable Electronics
4 m3 x 10 mm SHCS Mount Electronics
4 2 mm Plastic Spacers Mount Electronics
1 Power Cable Electronics

1 HotEnd Effector
1 Fan Effector
1 '1 / 4 Inch Pushfit Effector
4 m3 x 16mm HotEnd Mount Effector
4 m3 x 35mm Fan Mount Effector
1 PP Effector Effector
1 PP J-Head Mount Effector

1 Kapton Heater Opt Heated Bed
Included 1 2 Pin Wire Harnesses Opt Heated Bed
Included 1 4 Pin Wire Harness Opt Heated Bed
1 2 Pin Connector/Pins Opt Heated Bed
1 4 Pin Connector/Pins Opt Heated Bed
1 Round Borosilicate Glass 250 mm 250 Opt Heated Bed
1 Round Al Heat Spreader 248 mm 250 Opt Heated Bed

1 5 mm Pushfit Extruder
1 PP Extruder Body Extruder
1 PP Extruder Arm Extruder
1 3mm Compression Spring Extruder
1 m3 x 30 mm Extruder Spring Spring Extruder
1 MK8 Hobbed Pulley Extruder
1 608ZZ Greased Bearing Idler Extruder
1 m5 Washer – Extruder Idler Extruder
1 m5 x 10 mm SHCS Idler Extruder
3 m3 x 8 mm SHCS Motor Mount Extruder
1 m3 x 16 mm Hinge Extruder
1 m3 Nut Hinge Extruder
2 m3 Washers Hinge Extruder
2 m3 x 8 mm TODO SHCS Mount Extruder
2 m3 Washers Mount Extruder
0.5 M 1.8 mm Teflon Tube Extruder
0.5 M 3 mm Teflon Tube Extruder

3 Left Top Bracket Motor Mount
3 Left Bottom Bracket Motor Mount
3 Right Top Bracket Motor Mount
3 Right Bottom Bracket Motor Mount
24 m3 x 8 mm TODO SHCS Motor Mount

6 Spools Rigging
3 Tension Springs Rigging
100 100# Spectra Line Rigging
12 Safety Pins Rigging
3 PP Pairs Side Anchors Rigging
9 623VV Bearing Rigging
9 Washers Rig Bearings Rigging
9 m3 x 12 mm TODO SHCS Rig Bearings Rigging

10 Zip Ties Misc
3 Feet Misc
1 Roll Filament Misc
1 Filament Holder Misc