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Tux is the mascot for the GNU/Linux operating system.
The original image was painted in 2D by Larry Ewing who grants permission to use his image on the condition that you tell anyone who asks that he painted it using The GIMP. The 3D version was modelled in Blender by Oliver Baker - this version (specifically for 3D printing rather than animation) was built in November 2006) - this 3D model in all of it's formats has been released under the GFDL license.
The 'real' Tux is generally presumed to be about a meter tall. But make your model any size you like.

Assembly Instructions

None - Tux is all in one piece.


File format Extension File name Approx File Size How created Comments
3D Studio .3ds Image:Tux.3ds 0.47Mbytes Exported from blender 2.41
Blender .blend Image:Tux.blend 1.1Mbytes Native blender 2.41
AutoCAD .dxf Image:Tux.dxf 1.1Mbytes Exported from blender 2.41 (Seems to be broken)
VRML .wrl Image:Tux.wrl 1.7Mbytes Exported from blender 2.41
AC3D .ac Image:Tux.ac 1.4Mbytes Exported from blender 2.41
Raw triangles .tri Image:Tux.tri 1.3Mbytes Exported from AC3D 3.5

Additional files

If you wish to view this model in a 3D modeller, you'll need to download this texture map: Image:Tux body2.jpg

See also

For historical detail, see http://www.sjbaker.org/tux/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tux