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Hello, My name is John Oronzio and I'm a 5th year Energy Engineering student. I'm an advocate for all things green energy. I think 3D printing is an awesome and growing field that could aid in the design of many parts needed for sustainable energy processes and am excited to have the opportunity to learn about these amazing machines.


Blog 2

[[Wealth Without Money]]

1. Do you think his goal of a ‘self-replicating universal constructor’ is feasible? What remains to be done to achieve this, or alternatively what would prevent such a goal?

I think his goal of a "self replicating universal constructor" is definitely feasible. Our class proves that it is. There are still plenty of design flaws and this project is still a work in progress, but with research and financial support I think 3D printing could be a major "do it yourself engineering" machine.

2. The phrase “wealth without money” is both the title of his article and the motto of the reprap project itself. What does this phrase mean? (To him and to you if they differ). Discuss implications, problems, and possibilities associated with this idea.

I think the "wealth without money" idea is a perfect motto for the project. It implies that someone who has a reprap machine can have anything they want without buying it because they presumably could just make it instead. These machines aren't quite there yet, but as I said in the previous question they are a work in progress and will take time to perfect.

3. The Darwin design was released in 2007. It is 2012 now. Imagine future scenarios for RepRaps and their ‘cousin’ 3D printing designs (Makerbots, Ultimachine, Makergear, etc.) how do you think the RepRap project (community, designs, website, anything and everything) might evolve in the future? Describe as many scenarios as you can envision.

With websites like Thingiverse where anyone can post their .stl files and pictures of their printed designs the community can only grow and get better. Also since these machines can replicate new machines, you can use and old machine to print a newer and better design. I think this is the beauty of 3D printers because you can use an outdated machine to create a newer better machine. The machines themselves can better machines! I think one of the biggest improvements could be the addition of more axes to the extruder. This would enable the user to get around certain constraints that exist in 3D printing as of right now.

Blog 1:


This miniature wind turbine can produce up to 1.4 volts when connected to a small motor. This design could be a huge step in the right direction for the wind energy business if they could replicate and hone these results on a large scale.


This matchbox size Lamborghini is so awesome. Everyone loves Italian cars!


A purple octopus waving hello? Definitely a useless object...unless your a three year old.


"Try not. Do or do not, there is no try." Had to laugh when I saw Yoda.


This person made a robot left arm. Could you imagine if 3D printing of robots started on a large scale? Maybe the future is now.