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Hi! I'm Yuan Chai, a non-degree undergraduate of College of Engineering at Pennsylvania State University! I come from China University of Mining and Technology. It's my senior year and I'm applying for my graduate program major in Mechanical Engineering. Product design especially in function realization and mechanical design is so attractive to me since I dream to be a entrepreneur via technology.

EDSGN 497J is one of the most appealing courses for me, not only because this technology can make product design much easier, but also because of the beneficial of taking this course will bring me for my postgraduate study and career life.

I'm also taking ENGR 415 currently, which is Technology Launch for Entrepreneurs, aiming to apply creative thinking in generating a new product idea and follow the concept through prototyping. I think these two courses can benefit each other, if you have some good idea about product design and are willing to make it into reality even gain profit from it, just talk with me.

I've graduated for a year, but I'm still working on 3D printing technology. I attended 2014 World Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Industry Conference and TCT + Personalize Asia, so I'm pretty familiar with the 3D Printing Technology and Equipments in China, and started a company related to 3D Printing service and printer.